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Software Development

Are you looking for a .NET or  Python Developer? You have come to the right place. All of our software engineers are proficient in .NET languages while specializing in additional technologies to produce well rounded solutions with years of experience backing them up.

Our primary focus at Deselt Software is C# & Python desktop application and web applications powered by Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) on the back end. We provide maintenance for existing systems and development of new systems. If you have a project in need of maintenance fixes then feel free to contact us and we will objectively evaluate how we can help you.

Software Development Process Steps

The software development process consists of four major steps. Each of these steps is detailed below.

1. Requirement gathering and analysis
In this stage, teams should collect all relevant information from the client. They use this information to develop the product, ensuring that they meet client expectations. Typically, the business analysts and project managers meet with the client to gather information.

This information includes:
-A description of what they want the software to be
-The end-user
-The purpose

Once they’ve gathered and understood the information, they should produce the software requirement specification (SDS) document.

From there, the software development team should receive this document and ask any questions. They will then pass on the document to the client. This way, the client can verify that the project is well-understood by the team and can hold on to the document for future reference.‍

2. Design
At this point, the requirements from the SRS document are referenced to create the software architecture. The project manager will decide on the approach that the team will take and outline a pricing model.

3. Implementation or coding
This phase begins after the developer receives the design document. At this point, the design is translated into source code. This is when software developers go in and implement the code.

4. Testing
Once the development team has started coding, they release modules. These modules are then rigorously tested. Issues and bugs are detected, and software developers are assigned areas to test. Testers reference the SRS document to confirm that the software matches client expectations. This process continues until the software is perfected.

 5: Deployment
At this point, the software is deployed into production. In some cases, the client may request that the software goes through user acceptance testing (UAT). Regardless of whether the client elects UAT, they will decide whether the software meets their expectations in this step.
6. Maintenance
 Following production, the development team will maintain the product. Sometimes, issues might arise during testing. At this point, the software developers can fix these issues. In some cases, a client might request additional features, which can be added as enhancements during this phase.


Specializes in reliable services for customer satisfaction.


Develop a long-term SEO services and Inbound Marketing strategy that promotes your brand organically.

Web Design

We utilize the latest technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 in the websites we design and develop.

Software Development

Custom development in C# in Microsoft and Python on Linux based platform.

Networking Management

Efficient networking connects people to people, people to machines and machines to machines.

Data Recover

Computer data recovery can be a tricky business, usually requiring the help of hard drive data recovery experts.

Web Hosting

Affordable web hosting on Windows and Linux platforms.

Custom Database

We can provide custom database solution for MS SQL, MySql and MariaDB.


E-Commerce shopping cart solution unique for every company.

PC Build & Repair

Located in St Lucie area that focuses on computer repairs for home users & small businesses.

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