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We build you E-Commerce store

We treat your E-commerce not only as the most loyal employee, but also as the best seller in your company. The process of production and modifications of the E-commerce is basically similar to the creation of a website.

But there are a few extra aspects

Checking the technical condition of the E-commerce 
If you already run your own e-shop, we will look at its code. A technically well-crafted e-shop always has an advantage over others, whether in terms of search engine positions or the price of PPC campaigns. We will look at loading speed, structured data or hidden errors that can cause, for example, a high rate of leaving the cart.

More than anywhere else, correct measurement is important at the e-shop. We are interested in what, for how much, from where and in what way customers buy. Analytics will help us identify the strengths and weaknesses of your e-shop. Thanks to that, we can develop the e-shop much more purposefully towards fulfilling your goals.

The user interface plays an even more important role in the case of an e-shop. Does the e-shop have important controls in place? Are they sufficiently visible (do not coincide with the surrounding content)? Does the customer clearly find out all the important information he needs to know before buying? We can improve these and other aspects.

We work with Nop Commerce, Woocommerce and Prestashop eshop systems, but we also have experience with many others

Specializes in reliable services for customer satisfaction.


Develop a long-term SEO services and Inbound Marketing strategy that promotes your brand organically.

Web Design

We utilize the latest technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 in the websites we design and develop.

Software Development

Custom development in C# in Microsoft and Python on Linux based platform.

Networking Management

Efficient networking connects people to people, people to machines and machines to machines.

Data Recover

Computer data recovery can be a tricky business, usually requiring the help of hard drive data recovery experts.

Web Hosting

Affordable web hosting on Windows and Linux platforms.

Custom Database

We can provide custom database solution for MS SQL, MySql and MariaDB.


E-Commerce shopping cart solution unique for every company.

PC Build & Repair

Located in St Lucie area that focuses on computer repairs for home users & small businesses.

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