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Data Recovery

data recovery

Data Recover

When a computer or other storage device is damaged, losing the machine is usually not what bothers you the most. More painful are the lost data that was stored there. Despite deleting a file, formatting the device, or physically damaging it by overvoltage, falling, fire, or flooding, there is a chance of  data recovery.

Data recovery is an activity that we have been dealing with in our company with the most modern equipment and dust-free space for more than 15 years. Thanks to many years of experience, we are able to recover lost data from all storage media and all file systems. With us, data recovery is independent of the controller and interface of your disk used.

If you have an accident, do not turn on the drive again and entrust it to us for free diagnostics. Keep in mind that unprofessional intervention in data recovery attempts can result in definitive data loss. Therefore, be careful when  choosing a company that has your data restored.

Secure and reliable data recovery

Deselt offers professional solutions for solving various data loss problems. All types of data such as images, music, videos, documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, TXT, RTF), emails and other files can be easily recovered from Windows, Mac, Recycle Bin, Hard Disk Drive / Flash Drive. memory cards, and more.

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Software Development

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Networking Management

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Data Recover

Computer data recovery can be a tricky business, usually requiring the help of hard drive data recovery experts.

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