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Service Excellence is at the heart of our business and a critical element in our client relationships. Our extremely owledgeable consultants are focused on providing each and every client with the special attention and cost effective solutions needed to realize a return on investment quickly. We work side by side with our clients as a team, and our corporate philosophy is to listen, commit and deliver results. We assist our clients with establishing a vision, and then we collaboratively design, integrate and implement solutions that will get you where you want to be on time and within your budget.

Entire Structure

Our proven methodologies helps to reduce complexity, risks and costs associated with client/server development.  We will help you develop customized software applications and assist you through out the entire software development life cycle, including project management, systems analysis and design, software development, implementation and training.
Client / Server computing is the most appropriate computing paradigm in today's business world. The benefits provided
by this computing paradigm are why a large number of corporations are migrating to client-server computing.

 Distribution: Client-server systems are divided into objects that work   together to distribute processing power across many machines.

 Networks: These system objects distribute the processing by roaming across the networks (LANs, WANs, intranet and internet).

 User Friendly: The user interface of client-server systems are separated from the rest of the system. This allows the software designers to latitude to develop programs that are easy to use and readily customized.


Deselt specializes in creating visually stimulating front-end web designs that engage your customers while developing back-end systems that focus on stability, reliability, scalability and maintainability. We have created web sites for entrepeneurs of startup companies. We also have developed enterprise-grade global distributed systems that use a web-based user interface.

Our web solutions include the following:
1. Complete web sites
2. Enterprise Web Applications
3. Intranets / Extranets
4. e-Business / e-Commerce sites
5. Online web portals


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