Database Consulting

Deselt Software provides consultation and development services for SQL and other relational database management systems/RDMS. We can assist in designing a database for new projects, extending existing databases, or generate object relation model diagrams for project documentation.

With Microsoft SQL Server 2008's support for CLR database members we have found people overwhelmed with the complexity of designing and maintaining an enterprise level data storehouse.

Another function of Microsoft SQL that we find underutilized is Online Analytical Processing or OLAP. We design, develop, and deploy reporting cubes for existing database systems to provide the building blocks for user generated reports with Microsoft's Reporting Services.

Database consulting needs can range from designing maintenance plans and server backups to resolving performance issues with database itself. We provide consulting and development services for every step from inception to completion. If you're currently running on a legacy database system and want your data safe guarded in an enterprise Microsoft solution we also offer data conversion services to handle these complex upgrades.

Data Conversion

When migrating to a new software system a common challenge companies will face is how to get the data from the old system to the new system. We will work with the software vendor to establish data maps and provide it in the required format per their specifications. This is often a rather complicated process that we simplify for both the customer and vendor by documenting the conversion maps between the systems and making the low level details easy to understand.

Some of the supported systems are:

  • BTrieve
  • dBase
  • CSV
  • Firebird
  • Flat Files
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Pervasive SQL
  • PostgreSQL

If the data you have is not one of the formats that we have listed then feel free to contact us so we can evaluate your situation. Often times we can extract data from the raw files if it is a proprietary system without using the vendor's database drivers.

Integration & Report

Occasionally you may need a report that contains information from two autonomous I.T. systems and you need advice on how to build a bridge between them. Of course you have the usual suspects when approaching this task such as Whitehill Layout Designer, Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services, and Microsoft Excel but they might not be enough. A fundamental part of our business is reporting on data, even from other systems. We deliver reports that are ready to run out of the box to your specifications. If you want an interactive report in the form of a grid, a spreadsheet, or a hard copy, our standard approach will satisfy all of these criteria.

We realize individuals analyze data differently, and the same set of data can be rolled up differently to calculate the metrics you need to grow your business. It has always been our philosophy to provide this data to you in a comfortable and manageable format.

Whether you want to chart, plot, list, or associate the data we will deliver your solution.

XML Development

Extensible Markup Language known as XML is common technology used today for data storage while maintaining interoperability across multiple applications and platforms. It is fast becoming the standard to store application configuration files, such as your web browser, and also information that was typically stored in a database. XML Schema Definitions (.xsd) provide the interface for accessing data from XML files but software companies do not always publish these critical files with their applications.

We can assist your company with data conversions or simply mapping computer generated XML files to your database. If you are looking to design an XML file for application compatibility with other vendors or need consultation services for importing XML data to your database then we can help.

We use XML extensively in web application development to send data between web services which keep systems communicating in real time. Apex Software is the expert in XML data storage and design.


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