.NET Developers

Are you looking for a .NET Developer? You have come to the right place. All of our software engineers are proficient in .NET languages while specializing in additional technologies to produce well rounded solutions with years of experience backing them up.

Our primary focus at Deselt Software is C#.NET and ASP.NET desktop application and web applications powered by Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) on the back end. We provide maintenance for existing systems and development of new systems. If you have a project in need of maintenance fixes then feel free to contact us and we will objectively evaluate how we can help you.

In a number of cases where Deselt Software was contacted to evaluate an existing project we found that it would be cheaper for us to provide the development services than for a client to purchase the necessary licenses to do it themselves. We are a Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider and subscribe to the Microsoft Developers Network which gives us access to many of the licenses necessary to develop an enterprise solution today.

Custom Software

When it comes to determining which type of application will best suit your business there are a number of factors you must consider in making your decision, and we can help you with that. If you require a very rich user interface, deal with data on a low level, or perform automated tasks then this will most likely be the direction of your custom solution.

We develop and maintain software with Microsoft.NET technologies which provides the end user with a seamless experience across any of the Microsoft Windows operating systems. Another benefit of the .NET technology is RAD (Rapid Application Development) which reduces the time required in designing and developing a solution to meet your needs. When you have a .NET solution driving your business you can feel comfortable knowing that your software, like your business, is only one step away from expansion to a new level. Our assemblies are carefully designed to ensure that we can easily begin moving parts of the application to a web site without having to re-invent the wheel, again saving money with development costs. All of the time saved in our application development cycle is passed directly on to the customer.

We provide every level of support for solutions designed by our software team. We assist in deploying all necessary services and software packages required to get you up and running. Our primary data storage mechanism is Microsoft SQL Server which leverages data access and reporting to any level. To give you an example of the benefits SQL Server provides let's take a mock scenario: It is the end of the year and your boss wants a report on his desk (yesterday) of a region's sales with metrics you do not typically report on. What can you do? With SQL Server you can fire up Crystal Reports or use an SQL reporting cube to have that spreadsheet on his desk in a no time.

Web Aplications

In today's fast paced competitive market businesses need their data available to clients' real time while accessible to employees around the globe. We offer a comprehensive solution of both website design and web application development to deliver aesthetically appealing pages with functional & relevant content.

ASP.NET technologies for analytics and reporting on the business data that keeps your company moving. We have extensive experience in .NET Development, Web Services, Web Applications, and cross-browser support. Our client's eCommerce projects have processed over one million dollars in sales to date. Feel free to contact us for client references or live demonstrations.

Customer Portals and Online Data Processing are also common web applications we provide to our clients. Having your business data online helps maintain nominal overhead costs in development and maintenance of business systems.

Web Design

In recent years there has been a significant increase in web applications being used to run businesses in place of the standard desktop application. With the standardization of the web protocols it is now feasible to develop applications that will work across the browser boundary.

The market's movement toward web applications is more than a trend, it makes sense. Utilizing the full capabilities of the .NET framework allows developers to use the same code base for a desktop application or a web application to provide the same business functionality with a different user-interface experience to the end-user.

Notable advantages of using web based applications are:

  • Centralized Application Management. The web application is deployed on the webserver(s) which eliminates the need to update software on individual workstations.
  • High Availability. Failover, clustered, and off-site hosted servers will ensure your application is always available.
  • Minimal Workstation Requirements. You only need a desktop with a modern browser to get started.
  • Accessibility. Choose whether you want the application available on your LAN or to be published on the internet.


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